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“I’m now convinced that my spirit will continue to exist because there is more to me than a body. My consciousness is connected to everything around me, and my art unfolds by way of people’s memory.”


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Fran Grace,

Writer, Educator

Sarah Jane Morris gallery-pic-20 Intro p

Sarah Jane Morris,



“Love brings things to life,” says writer and educator Fran Grace, who knows wholeheartedly from whence she speaks! Her new book, “The Power of Love: A Transformed Heart Changes the World,” features interviews with or about many well-known spiritual teachers, writers, and activists, all interwoven with her own transformational story…

With a nearly 4-octave voice filled with the richness of earth, the salt of the oceans, and stardust from the heavens, Sarah Jane Morris tells stories about the human condition around the globe. She’s bold, fearless, compassionate, and wise. In my book, holy...




William Wisher,


What are you going to do today? William Wisher may be saving the world – again! Well-known as a screenwriter and script doctor of Hollywood blockbuster franchise films, Bill worked closely on “The Terminator” and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” with his longtime buddy, director James Cameron…

Jack Felstein Rivky Grossman photo cropp

Jack Feldstein & 

Rivky Grossman

Jack Feldstein, prolific award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and neon animation filmmaker hailing from Australia, and Rivky Grossman, singer-songwriter, visual artist, and writer raised in Brooklyn, are the dynamic creative pair behind “The Kingdom of Vincent Grapelli,” a “spirited” new musical...

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