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Welcome to Radio Gabriel, a soul-full arts adventure illuminating the intersection of creative expression and spirituality.


Who doesn’t love a good mystery?! Through the centuries, artists of every genre have used spirituality and sacred imagery to inform and inspire their work, and at heart I envision Radio Gabriel to be an ongoing conversation on inspiration and imagination with today’s creative souls – the ones who paint the pictures, compose and sing the songs, weave the stories, snap the photos and punctuate in pirouettes (welcome, wacky metaphors :) I’ll spend time with poets and guides who use mythology, mysticism, and intuition as a creative springboard, and invite artists to talk openly about the role spirit may play in their personal creative process.


The well is deep! We each have a story to tell and a song to sing, and my wish is that these in-depth conversations will help us tap our own inspiration, feed a new creative spark, discover how artistic light filters in, or maybe find a little bit of something we didn’t even know we were looking for. I hope you’ll join me!


Kathryn Williams

Wassily Kandinsky, Metropolitan Museum of Art

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